Framework Agreement Update

Fellow Flight Attendants,
This week your FAEC met in Columbus for Framework Agreement discussions with management.  As we previously reported, our goals are simple and for the benefit of all Flight Attendants:
  1.  To make improvements to areas of our contract described in the Framework Agreement for the benefit of the hard-working, professional Flight Attendants we represent
  2.  To make sure we don’t go backwards when it comes to our job protections and other collective bargaining terms and conditions of employment
  3.  And to identify mutually agreeable mechanisms for improving world class service for owners, customers and guests.
Your FAEC’s work this week was consistent with those goals.
If we reach a tentative agreement with management, it will require a membership ratification vote.  If we do not reach a tentative agreement, the current contract will remain in place without change. We plan to hold internal meetings and calls next week as well as conference with management to assess progress and next steps.
Your FAEC remains fully committed to our Framework Agreement goals and the Flight Attendants we represent.  We will update you next week.