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FLIGHT LINE — 6/21/19 — FAEC Reports on Company/Union Discussions

Fellow Flight Attendants,

     The Union and the Company met in Columbus this week to explore mutually agreeable changes and improvements to our contract.  Discussions will continue into July.  As you would expect, we focused our time and efforts this week on many of the subjects identified in the Framework Agreement, with both sides exchanging information and ideas.  Discussions were productive.  As dedicated safety professionals, high quality service providers and ambassadors for the Company, NetJets Flight Attendants have always been and will always be at the heart of the Company’s success.  That point of view is reflected in our approach to on-going discussions with management.  Safety and world-class customer service are a win-win for Flight Attendants and NetJets.Your Union is fully committed to the on-going interest based process, and we will continue to work hard on your behalf.  We will keep you updated as talks progress.