Phone call from Alan Bobo last night

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,
Alan Bobo called last night regarding the email he sent last week.  I explained that the flight attendant group is exhausted, frustrated, and feels disconnected and disregarded and that the email was another example to us that we are an afterthought.  Alan extended to all of us what I feel was a sincere apology for his admitted oversight.  He has committed to ensure our voices are heard and our issues addressed by the leadership team.  We will initially meet at the quarterly, March 8th, and then together with the FAEC we will develop a plan going forward to have more regular sessions where we can join forces and provide input and be heard.
I left the call feeling hopeful for a more collaborative process with our leadership team and look forward to a much more open exchange of information going forward.
As a reminder, the deadline is tomorrow, March 1st, for submitting your questions/concerns to the FAEC to address at the March 8th quarterly.  Please submit them to:
In Solidarity,
Darcey Kniseley, FAEC Co-Chair