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FAEC – Company Quarterly Mtgs Held Thurs and Fri, Nov. 16 & 17, in CMH

NOVEMBER 16th AND 17th, 
Season’s Greetings to all of you on the road and those at home this week.
On November 16th, the FAEC and the Company met for the last quarterly meeting of 2017.  The meetings were quite productive.
We met with Tabitha Talbert to discuss the transition from the Reed Group to Unum.  This change in leave administrators was driven largely by complaints against the Reed Group.  The change will take place on December 1 and, on our end, should be seamless since the transfer protocol is in place.  Currently about thirty Flight Attendants are on leave.  Unum will reach out to Flight Attendants if more paperwork is needed.  The appeal process for LTD is unchanged, and Unum will allow filing of claims via phone, website or App.
The CRC will be taking on a more active role for Flight Attendant issues that are not immediate or pressing.  Those types of issues will still go to Janet or Chiefs, but more and more of the less pressing issues will be directed to CRC.
We had further discussion with Dave Behnen on an enhanced drug and alcohol program for Flight Attendants.  Currently, the pilots have a program which is quite effective for them but very costly.  The bulk of the cost is paid by the crew member, and the entire program is contractual.  We are in initial discussions with the Company about how a similar program could work for the Flight Attendant group, how it could be implemented, and who will administer such a program.
During this discussion we were advised that the DOT testing process has changed and now synthetic opiates will show up on a drug test.  If you have any questions about medications, please contact Sue Snyder.
We were joined by Colleen Nissl, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Netjets Services, and Mark Dropsey, VP Operations Planning, Netjets Services Inc. to discuss international trip assignments.  The Company acknowledged that there were multiple calls made to the ethics hotline.  We were given multiple assurances from Mr. Dropsey that our concerns would be given attention.  The Company has much confidence in their new computer program and presented data that, of the 1000+ international legs flown last quarter, 179 Flight Attendants flew at least one leg.  While we do not dispute those numbers, our concern was and continues to be Long Range trips and the same individuals getting those types of trips and also Flight Attendants consistently flying international.  Mark Dropsey assured us he was very committed to working with us and continuing dialogue that would accomplish more equal distribution of international flying.
Dave Benson, Director, Workforce Optimization, met with us and gave an update on cross training and other staffing questions.  Currently less than thirty Flight Attendants in each fleet remain in need of training.  The Company is considering opening the Long Range bid again but, if it happens, it is a year out.
The Company is considering opening the gateway list to more cities for those Flight Attendants hired after ratification but only to Flight Attendants who hold a choice 72 or 76 day schedule.  More information to follow.
The zero day schedule will be amended to allow for Flight Attendants to be shut off from duty when their airline blocks in.  Going forward, the next day brief will be the same as the language for your last day off.  You will get a brief at 6pm local and, if you hear nothing, you have an obligation to reach out to scheduling by 7pm local.  This change should take place around December 1.
2.1 % of flights went without Flight Attendants.  The average hours worked per Flight Attendant is 9.74 hours on duty.  See the on duty hours by aircraft below:
Gulfstream 8.9
550′s 9.4
Falcon Classic 9.3
EZ 8.0
Global 11.5
Challenger 11.0
Michelle Kramer, Vice President Global Travel, met with us to discuss concerns with Lyft and with hotels.  She reiterated that the Rate It system for hotels is the very best approach when dealing with hotels you find questionable.
Lyft has been given a directive to keep trunks clean.  Lyft is our first option, then Uber, then Taxi, then Uber Black.  Lyft receipt issues have been resolved.  You should now see only one receipt.
Janet Pasqualetti will be looking further into the possibility of Flight Attendants donating PTO days to other Flight Attendants.
We heard six cases at System Board of Adjustment (otherwise known as SBA referenced in Section 22 of CBA).  Three cases were deadlocked (i.e., no progress, stalemate).  One was settled,
and two were settled with additional language being worked out with the lawyers (MOU’s – Memorandums of Undertanding).  Those two cases involved: (1) compensation for the training Flight Attendants and (2) the shut off time if your hotel room is not ready when you arrive.  All in all, it was a very collaborative SBA.
We wish to thank everyone for your support and extend our warmest wishes for a happy and safe holiday.
In attendance for the Union:  FAEC members Darcey Kniseley,
Jill Mawdsley, Sean Dawson, Christopher Strauch, and Mark Vandak, President of Teamsters Local 284
In attendance for the Company:  Janet Pasqualetti, Director, Employee Relations, and Jeff Winslow, Chief Flight Attendant, David Behnen, Director of Contract Compliance and Operational Performance, and Donna Lash, Vice President Business Operations, Netjets Services, Inc.