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Dear NetJets Flight Attendants:
Teamsters Local 284, the FAEC and the FANC are happy to announce that Flight Attendants have voted to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement by a vote of 194 to 47, or 80.5% in favor of ratification with 91% of eligible Flight Attendants casting a vote.  After four plus years of hard fought negotiations, this vote in favor of a new contract represents a tremendous step forward in securing financial security and peace of mind for all Flight Attendants and their families.
The patience and unwavering support of the FAEC and FANC shown by Flight Attendants throughout the negotiating process is something to be proud of.  When these negotiations began shortly following the merger of NJA and NJI, we were faced with a Company seeking deep concessions in work rules and benefits, such as healthcare and 401(k), in exchange for minimal or non-existent wage increases.  With Teamsters Local 284′s support, your FAEC and FANC stood strong, and now we have a contract that protects and improves existing benefits and gives substantial financial gains to all Flight Attendants along with unprecedented flexibility in schedule choices and other work rule improvements.
In the coming days, the Union and Company will be providing information regarding fleet transition and schedule transition choices that are available.  We will also be preparing and finalizing the contract for signature, which will then be available electronically at and on the Company’s intranet.  Once the finalized document is prepared, hard copies of the contract will also be provided by the Company to any Flight Attendant that requests one.
This contract represents a new day at NetJets for Flight Attendants, one in which Flight Attendants are recognized and rewarded for the World Class Service they provide.  Congratulations!
In Solidarity,
Paul Suffoletto, President
Teamsters Local 284