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Paul Suffoletto Meets With New Leadership Monday, June 8

Fellow Local 284 Members,


On Monday, June 8, I met Chairman and CEO Adam Johnson and President Bill Noe. I am pleased to report that my first meeting with NetJets senior management in the post-Hansell era was positive and productive. It can’t be the last meeting. The relationship between NetJets and its employee unions has been at an all time low. It will take more meetings, hard work, cooperation and results to get things back on the right track.


During our meeting we discussed and agreed to the following:

  • As part of an effort to reestablish trust and demonstrate respect for the decisions of NetJets employees who have chosen union representation, Adam Johnson and Bill Noe will meet personally with elected leaders, IBT representatives and negotiating committee members.
  • NetJets agreed to increase the pace and frequency of bargaining sessions for the purpose of reaching tentative agreements within 3 to 4 months, if not sooner, on contracts for all Teamsters represented groups. We have big issues to resolve at the bargaining table. However, there is no reason these negotiations should continue to drag on. Senior management agreed the time to reach agreements is now.
  • Senior management recommitted NetJets to progressive discipline and serious dialogue with the Union about the appropriate level of discipline. I made it clear that what members perceived as management-by-fear tactics have demoralized the workforce and must change if we are to move forward in partnership.
  • The Company will meet and discuss Dispatcher, Mechanic, Maintenance Controller and Flight Attendant safety issues in an environment where we can speak freely and respectfully with one another without fear of retaliation or discrimination.
  • Teamsters represented employees in all crafts are a valuable asset to the Company, not enemies to be defeated. Restoring the mutual respect and trust that once existed is urgent and top priority. This will take place through contract negotiations, day-to-day labor relations, joint projects and management initiatives.

Like all of you, I will judge progress based on actions rather than words. The meeting with senior management was a positive first step in the right direction. Now we must execute and ensure accountability. I will keep you posted of all developments.


As I’ve previously mentioned, there is a lot of work to be done in a short period of time. Your executive council, negotiating committees and stewards must take on even more responsibilities in order for us to achieve our goals. With your support and active involvement in the Union, we will achieve the contracts we deserve and in the process restore the trust that once existed at NetJets.



Paul Suffoletto


Paul Suffoletto, President of Teamsters Local 284, to meet with new leadership on June 8

Fellow Local 284 Member,

This week former CEO Jordan Hansell severed ties with NetJets. Adam Johnson is the new Chairman and CEO. Bill Noe is the President. On Monday morning, the new senior leadership called to inform me of the change. During our call, we agreed to schedule an in-person meeting. I will meet with the two senior managers of the Company on Monday, June 8. I view this first meeting as an opportunity to lay the foundation for resetting the labor-management relationship at NetJets.


This meeting won’t be a bargaining session; however, it will set the stage for needed changes and an opportunity for the new senior leadership of the Company to commit to engaging your elected representatives and negotiators in a way that has not happened for a very long time.  Each of the various Teamster groups – flight attendants, mechanics and related employees and stock clerks, maintenance controllers and flight dispatchers — have their own set of issues and needs.


At the same time, we have common goals and interests that must be addressed if we are to move forward on a more cooperative basis with management. I intend to address those common goals and interests when I meet with Adam Johnson and Bill Noe. Specifically, I plan to discuss the following:

  • We should reach complete tentative agreements on contracts for all Teamsters represented employee groups over the next three to four months. When we meet, I will ask management to commit to intensive negotiations with all Teamsters groups in order to meet this achievable goal.
  • NetJets must take concrete action to guarantee employees that there will be no further harassment or retaliation against them for choosing union representation.
  • The Company must end management-by-fear tactics and restore trust in progressive discipline. When safety sensitive employees responsible for the safety of air transportation second guess themselves for fear of losing their jobs, it is a crisis that must be addressed with urgency.
  • The target that was placed on the backs of Teamsters represented groups must be removed. The former CEO didn’t hide his agenda when it came to contract proposals or the way operations were managed. We need actions that demonstrate that our members are valued by management and their jobs and crafts are secure.

Trust can only be restored through the details of the agreements management and our executive council, negotiating committees and stewards make over the next several months, as well as the way management deals with the Union going forward. The meeting on Monday is the first step. I look forward to updating you on the results.

Through strength, unity, self-respect and solidarity, our membership survived Jordan Hansell, but we have a lot more work to do in order to achieve all of our goals. Your executive council, negotiating committees and stewards were asked to do a lot during a difficult time in the Company’s history. They will be asked to do even more in the days, weeks and months ahead. With the continuing support of the membership, we will achieve the contracts we deserve and in the process restore the trust that once existed at NetJets.


Paul Suffoletto



Union Hopeful New Leadership Presents Opportunity for Improved Negotiations


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Today, the Teamsters Union was informed of a change in leadership at NetJets, Inc., which could impact hundreds of Teamsters Local 284-represented flight attendants, mechanics and related employees, stock clerks, maintenance controllers and flight dispatchers.


The Teamsters Union was informed that CEO Jordan Hansell has left NetJets. Adam Johnson will replace him as Chairman and CEO. Bill Noe will return as President and Chief Operating Officer. The Teamsters Union congratulated the new management team.


“The recently announced change in senior leadership is an opportunity for NetJets to restore the trust of its hardworking and dedicated employees,” said Paul Suffoletto, President of Local 284 in Columbus, Ohio. “The NetJets workforce has always been the company’s greatest asset, not a liability on a spreadsheet or an enemy to be defeated. We hope to rebuild the positive labor-management relationship that once existed at NetJets.”


All of the Teamsters-represented employees are currently in multi-year contract negotiations with management. Negotiations have been highly adversarial as a result NetJets’ demands for deep concessions despite the carrier’s profitability and market expansion.


“Teamsters negotiators will continue to bargain for labor contracts that reflect NetJets’ tremendous success and the membership’s significant contribution to that success,” Suffoletto said. “If the change in leadership results in a change in NetJets’ bargaining priorities, there is a realistic chance that these long negotiations can be brought to a timely and positive conclusion.


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