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“After Midnight” Letter of Agreement

03-001 FA After-midnights SIGNED LOA

President’s Message: How Do You Screw Up An Apology?

President’s Message:

How Do You Screw Up an Apology?



Dear Local 284 Member,


According to an NJASAP announcement, NetJets admitted that Vice President Steven Todd Weeber was behind the anti-union blogs and Twitter accounts referenced in NJASAP’s lawsuit against the Company.  These social media accounts were used to spread extremist propaganda against NJASAP, the Teamsters Union, and all unions in the United States.  What was allowed to occur at NJA is a disgrace.


For more than four years, the posts harassed union members, threatened them with loss of employment and tried to turn every union member at NetJets against their elected leaders and one another.  The goal was simple – destroy the unions at NetJets so workers are defenseless to resist cuts to pay, insurance benefits and working conditions.


NJASAP’s announcement said that CEO Jordan Hansell sent NJASAP President Pedro Leroux a letter in which he “apologized” for the social media content. This was confirmed in a Company-wide announcement today.  NJASAP also reported that the Hansell letter was sent to NJASAP the same day NetJets was legally required to respond to the union’s questions about who was responsible for the social media content. Based on the timing of the so-called apology, NJASAP concluded that Hansell’s letter was sent merely for “litigation and public relations” purposes.


The blogs and Twitter accounts Hansell referred to spewed anti-Teamsters propaganda. They ridiculed our great Union, attacked our elected leadership and representatives and even mocked fellow Teamsters who lost jobs at Hostess through no fault of their own or the Union after the company filed for bankruptcy in 2012. The posts were cruel and disrespectful, not only towards your Union, but also to you and your family.


Did Hansell say he was sorry to you or the Teamsters for the hate speech directed at you and your Union?  Not a chance. Why not?  NetJets didn’t send you or the Teamsters a fake apology letter because it doesn’t serve management’s purposes. Hansell’s letter was about members of management trying to cover their own tracks, nothing more and nothing less.  NJASAP had it right – the Hansell letter was sent for litigation and public relations purposes only. To that I would add, management couldn’t even get that right. In fact, in the Company-wide announcement sent to all NJA employees on April 23, they couldn’t even bring themselves to mention Local 284 members, let alone apologize.


NJA was once a proud company with a model labor relations record. Today the Company bears no resemblance to the one we once knew.  A few years ago, employees like you were valued and treated with respect by managers.  Not anymore.  It remains to be seen whether Warren Buffett condones this type of behavior from the CEOs he appoints.  One can only hope that he intervenes before the reputation of NetJets is further tarnished and more workers are victimized by anti-union fanatics in the ranks of management.  I encourage all of you who can to attend the informational picketing event at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in Omaha on May 2nd.  This is a great opportunity – and certainly not the last one – to inform Warren Buffett about what has been happening at NJA.


Your Union is strong because flight attendants, mechanics, maintenance controllers, stock clerks, fuelers and dispatchers are united.  We stand in solidarity with the pilots and their union and they stand in solidarity with us.  Management will not divide us and they will not defeat us.


Paul Suffoletto

President of IBT Local 284 and FAEC Co-Chair

THE REED GROUP: What’s your opinion?

The Reed Group: What’s Your Opinion?

On February 9, 2015, The Reed Group began administering leaves of absence (LOA) for NetJets.  Not surprisingly, management made the decision to outsource LOA administration to The Reed Group on its own and did not seek any input from the Union prior to doing so.  If you’ve had any interactions with The Reed Group, the Union wants to hear from you.   What was your experience?  Was it good or bad, easy or difficult?  We want to know you think.  Please share your experiences and feedback about The Reed Group with the Union by sending an email to your Union representatives at the following email address:  Be sure to include your contact information so we can follow up with you.  Don’t use your Company email address when you contact the FAEC.

The Union will use this information received from the membership to pursue necessary improvements/changes. Our Union is strong because our members provide us with the information we need to fight for their rights on the job.


FAEC member JoDelle Burwell informed Teamsters Local 284 this week that she is resigning her position on the FAEC for personal reasons.  JoDelle has served as a FAEC member since 2013.  During her tenure on the FAEC, JoDelle has devoted much of her free time to representing NetJets Flight Attendants and fighting to improve the quality of life for all of her co-workers.  She will be sorely missed, and please take the time if you see her out on the road, as she continues to fly the line, to thank her for her dedicated service.


In accordance with Article I, Section 2.C. of the FAEC Policies and Procedures Manual, a special election will be held to fill the FAEC position vacated by JoDelle for the remainder of her term, which would have ended on November 30, 2016.  Because the FAEC is continuing to operate under the special procedures of Article 1, Section 5 of the FAEC Policies and Procedures Manual, the nomination and election process for filling the vacant position will be limited to Flight Attendants on the NetJets Aviation, Inc. Flight Attendant System Seniority List prior to the merger of NJA and NJI regardless of current fleet, and to Flight Attendants hired by NJA since that time.  In other words, in order to be eligible to nominate a candidate, be nominated or vote in the election, you must have been an NJA, rather than NJI, Flight Attendant at the time of the November 2010 merger, or a new hire since that time.  It is both the Union and FAEC’s belief that holding the election in this manner for JoDelle’s vacated position is consistent with the language as well as the spirit and intent of Article 1, Section 5 of the FAEC Policies and Procedures Manual because she was an original NJA Flight Attendant.


The Flight Attendant elected to fill the vacant FAEC position will serve with current FAEC members Michael Zois, original NJA, and Darcy Jameson and Jill Mawdsley, original NJI, for the remainder of the FAEC’s term.  A Notice of Nominations explaining the election process and timeline is being developed and will be distributed to eligible voters as soon as it is ready.


In Unity and Solidarity,



The Flight Attendant Executive Council

Michael Zois, Falcon, FAEC Co-Chair

Darcey Jameson, Gulfstream

Jill Mawdsley, Gulfstream

Paul Suffoletto, IBT Local 284 President, FAEC Co-Chair

April Negotiations | Omaha 2015

JoDelle Burwell resigns from FAEC
“Family comes first.”
Dearest Flight Attendant Brothers and Sisters,
Due to an aging family, their health issues, and the need to be more accessible to help them, it has become necessary to resign my position with the FAEC.  I will continue to serve on the Flight Attendant Negotiating Committee and as our union’s Communications Specialist (Flight Line, website, message board).  I will also remain available to each of you regarding contract compliance questions from the road and/or home.  Most importantly, I will continue to support my FAEC teammates in whatever way I can, when I can.  We have an intelligent and fierce group of volunteers on the Flight Attendant Executive Council — you remain in the very best care!
Thank you for your support, your friendship, and your faith in me over the past year and a half!  What an epic journey this has been!  There will be an announcement soon to determine who from the Falcon fleet is interested in the vacated position.

With deepest appreciation and always in unity and solidarity,



OMAHA 2015
Once a year, unionized employees have an opportunity to focus the attention of all NetJets stakeholders – employees, managers, owners, shareholders and the Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) Board of Directors – on the situation at NetJets:
We have been engaged in a prolonged battle to protect our livelihoods by a CEO who will stop at nothing to destroy the careers we have built.  If you are not working, please join your union peers in Omaha on Saturday, May 2 to picket the 2015 BRK Shareholders Meeting; your family is welcome to participate.
If you are scheduled for duty, then please consider donating points, miles and/or cash to help others make the trip.
Jordan Hansell is coming after our contract with everything he has. It is time for every union member to communicate we are not giving a single inch.

Upcoming Conference Call
During April Mediation
Thursday, April 30
1800ET — 1700CT –1600MT — 1500PT
Tel:  (641) 715-3300
Access Code:  955829#
Join the FANC, Josh McInerney, Paul Suffoletto,
and your Flight Attendant peers
as we dialogue about April Mediation,
including the Company’s and Union’s positions
on issues that affect you.
Come to the call with your questions!
To Listen To Playback:
Dial (641) 715-3412
Access Code:  955829#
There is no “reference number”.
Enter # a second time.
URP?  What’s a URP?
What’s a URP?  A URP is an “Unscheduled Rest Report”, and it is in the pilots’ contract language, not ours.  You may see a URP request on your IPhone when you call in fatigued.  Ignore it.  Or reply, “This is not in our contract language.”
Airport Designations Status
Small, Medium, Large


NetJets updated the airport database for small, medium and large status on October 16, 2014.  The changes to size are based on the 2013 enplanement data.   There was an article placed in the NJWOU mid-October, 2014 to advise all of the flight attendants of this change.

Below you will find the weblink to the .pdf file of the airport database for small, medium and large status.
This information can also be accessed on the Message Board and on the union’s website under “Misc. Communications” (

Any questions, please contact the FAEC.
Have you registered on the FA Message Board?

You may only register under your given name (no aliases) at — click Message Board — and follow the instructions to create a profile.  If you have problems registering, contact JoDelle Burwell (  The Message Board is a perfect place to dialogue with peers, exchange information, find folks to vacation swap, and talk about issues, challenges, and offer solutions from work on the road.
Did You Know?

The FAEC helps you with contract issues, including scheduling glitches, duty, rest, compliance, and discipline.

The FANC is a union sub-committee and only participates in contract negotiations.

Always contact an FAEC member
for help with contract issues.

As always, we encourage you to FLY SAFELY and BY THE CONTRACT.


In Solidarity,
Your FAEC and IBT Local 284