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The Outrage and Injustice

Your Flight Attendant Negotiating Committee (FANC) and representatives of Local 284 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Airline Division met in Naples, Florida with the Company for mediated negotiations. The parties were assisted by NMB Mediator Jim McKenzie.

As usual, your FANC worked very hard to represent the goals of the membership. Unfortunately, management continues to make proposals that we might expect to see from a company in financial distress that’s worried about workers jumping ship rather than one that publicly brags about increased revenues, rising profits and spending untold millions on foreign expansion.

More than four years into these negotiations, management made what it considered to be a big move when it proposed that we agree to a health insurance proposal that the pilots rejected in July of 2014!  That’s right, six months after the pilots rejected the idea that management should have total control of their health insurance benefits and shift as much cost to them and their families as management sees fit, they tried to sell your FANC on the very same proposal.  On top of that, management’s compensation proposals don’t reward us for the work we do nor do they reflect the Company’s stellar financial performance. To make matters worse, the increases they are proposing for some Flight Attendants could be wiped out due to the amount of money we will have to contribute to our health insurance premiums. Get real!

After more than four years of bargaining, you deserve so much better than management is offering.  It’s about time management starts focusing on us and our needs since they demand we focus so much of our attention on their customers and their needs.

Your FANC will continue to fight for you, and we won’t give up until we secure the contract that you deserve. We appreciate you support!