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Letter to the Membership from Teamsters President, Paul Suffoletto

Letter to the Membership

from Paul Suffoletto, Teamsters President


Fellow Local 284 Member,


With NetJets continuing to attack your compensation, benefits and working conditions in contract negotiations, Local 284, Council Members, Stewards and your Local 284 Negotiating Committees are working hard to defend past gains and make improvements for flight attendants, mechanics and related employees, stock clerks, maintenance controllers and flight dispatchers.  In the coming days, your Union is going to launch a new public campaign designed to focus public attention on what NetJets is trying to do to you and your family members.


I have been a union representative for over 25 years.  I have dealt with every kind of employer, good and bad, in dozens of industries and the government.  Frankly, what is happening at NetJets today is different than anything I have ever experienced, and not in a good way.  That’s because NetJets actually admits that it intends to cut your take home pay and transfer that money to its wealthy customers in the form of cheaper travel.  On their own website, NetJets management actually says they intend “to pass as much of the savings [from employee concessions] as practicable to Owners and potential Owners.”  In bargaining, the Company’s negotiators have told us their customers, the very people you serve, demand it.


This is not a private matter. Think about that for a minute.  You are a hard working middle class employee with bills to pay and your own life to live.  NetJets wants you to pay more for your health insurance, as an example, so a wealthy individual or large multinational corporation can pay less for leisure and business travel on a private jet.  That NetJets’ senior managers would dare put something like that in writing tells you how completely out of touch these people are with you and 99% of America.  That a wealthy customer would accept it is just as offensive.  People who can afford to travel in luxury private jets can afford to pay their own bills without any financial help from you or your family. 


This is not a private matter. Your Union is going to do everything in its power to expose this attack on middle class employees and families just like yours.  The public must know that NetJets demands that you subsidize the luxury travel of CEOs, Wall St. bankers, corporations and wealthy individuals, many of whom are household names and have a record of treating their own employees badly.


 NetJets will respond by launching a counterattack to win the hearts and minds of Local 284′s membership. They will become desperate because a campaign like this one has never happened before at NetJets.  If you know what management will say going forward, you won’t fall victim to it. 


NetJets’ communications will be designed to make you turn on your Union and one another.  They will try to pit employee against employee, craft against craft, union against union.  The goal is to convince you to give up compensation, benefits and job protections.  Believe me, the new senior managers of NetJets don’t care about you or your family, they care about their so-called bargaining “pillars” that ultimately take money from you and give it to their wealthy customers.  Here are some examples of what they will try to do through written communications, group meetings, one-on-one meetings, phone calls, emails and innuendo:

  • They will tell you the Union is trying to drive away customers.
  • They will tell you that what the Union is doing will only hurt employees in the long run.
  • They will try to make you feel guilty for protecting your own paycheck.
  • They will try to make you believe that a strong contract, affordable insurance and good pay makes NetJets uncompetitive.
  • They will tell you that the Union is an “outsider” who doesn’t understand the business.
  • They will tell you that senior management doesn’t dislike unions, only the Teamsters who are trying to hurt the business.
  • They will tell you are betraying the “owners” by saying you won’t subsidize them by paying more for insurance, cutting your own compensation and giving up job security.

Of course, none of what they will say is true.  Think about it.  Your Union negotiated the good contracts that exist today and helped make NetJets the largest and most profitable carrier in the industry.  Because you have good pay, good benefits and job security, you have an incentive to provide world class service and peace of mind knowing that your job is secure.  It is the Company that is threatening the business by attacking the very people who are responsible for its success, not your Union.  What we will never do is apologize for opposing and exposing NetJets’ plan to cut your compensation, benefits and job security so the wealthiest people and the world can save money.


NetJets’ plan will no longer remain a private matter.  It is the kind of corporate behavior that is destroying middle class employees and families like yours in the United States and we are taking a stand.  Your Union always has your back and we are fighting for you every day.  With your continued support, we will win this fight for you and your families!





Paul Suffoletto




COALITION TO HOST INFORMATIONAL PICKET Events to coincide with NetJets Poker Invitational



The NetJets Unions Coalition (NUC) will conduct informational picketing during the mid-November 2014 NetJets Poker Invitational in Las Vegas. Unlike previous initiatives, picketing times will not be announced until the week of the event; however, the dates are confirmed: Nov. 13, 14, 16 and 17. Also, picketing will take place in more than one location with the decision of where to dispatch picketing teams to be made at the beginning of each day.

As usual, please RSVP via EventBrite, If a member’s work schedule precludes attendance, please consider donating hotel points and/or airline points to allow others to participate in this important event. Additional information will be emailed to union members as details are finalized. Until then, please feel free to ask questions by sending an email to

The informational picket is another event of the busy fall-winter campaign during which the Coalition will host several events to advise NetJets customers as well as the public of the rapidly deteriorating labor relations environment at NetJets.




NUC Stickers, Lanyards, and Car Sun Visors

JoDelle Burwell, FAEC

 I have been diligently trying to get red NUC lanyards to the membership, as well as the NUC stickers like the pilots have.  Teamsters is in possession of 300 red UNION STRONG lanyards identical to what you’re seeing the pilots wearing on the road.

 I was informed yesterday by Paul Suffoletto that word is out the Company is trying to implement a new lanyard policy.  The lanyard has not been popular with DO Eric Lampert who is aggressively pursuing a change to the lanyard policy for owner-facing employees – the pilots and flight attendants.  As an interesting footnote, Paul was in Bdwy. II this past week, and it was a sea of red, he said.

If you would like NUC stickers, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope that says NUC STICKERS on the front to Elizabeth Lykins at NJASAP, 630 Morrison Rd., Ste. 110, Gahanna, OH, 43230.  She will send them to you.
Also, if you live in CMH and park at Bridgeway when leaving on tour, NUC has a sun visor for your car!  Stop by the NJASAP Hdqtrs. in Gahanna at the address above, and pick up your sun visor and use it when parking at Bridgeway.  I’m hearing some pilots are using them in their rental cars as well.


Next Conference Call
Thursday, October 30th
1900ET — 1800CT –1700MT — 1600PT
Tel:  (641) 715-3300
Access Code:  955829#
Join the FANC, Josh McInerney, Paul Suffoletto, and 
your Flight Attendant peers as we dialogue about 
October mediation, including the Company’s and Union’s positions on issues that affect you.  
Come to the call with your questions!
To Listen To Playback:

Dial (641) 715-3412

Access Code:  955829#

There is no “reference number”.

Enter # a second time.




Paulette Gilbert, Chair

NJASAP Strategic Initiatives Group


In a recent interview on Fox Business, Jordan Hansell was forced to talk about on-going labor strife at NetJets for a full 1:30 of his 4:59 interview. The night before the interview, NJASAP launched a Twitter campaign to put the labor situation on the show host’s radar. We plan to use Twitter extensively throughout negotiations. How do your groups feel about Twitter? Would they be willing to assist us in a social media campaign? Of course, our attorneys will review any initiative to ensure it would not put any union member at odds with the NetJets Social Media policy. In each and every initiative, we will provide very specific guidance.
Please contact me as soon as possible
to help make these initiatives a success. 

October Mediation
Mediation resumes the last week of October, this time in Tampa, FL. We have plans to pack the Teamsters Conference Call equipment for this trip, intent on having no more snafus with the recording.  Please plan to join the group discussion on Thursday evening, October 30th.   We left September mediation having passed a Counter Proposal to the Company on Section 28 (Hours of Service).
Your FAEC and IBT Local 284