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New Certificate of Insurance for Rental Cars

New Certificate of Insurance for Rental Cars

Just this week the NetJets Travel Department, working alongside the Flight Attendant Travel Committee, uploaded a new Certificate of Insurance to the Waypoint “N Icon”.   Because of its small size on the IPhone, we recommend printing and carrying a copy with your travel documents for those times when you’re briefed for a rental car.

Auto evidence letter_2014-15


 Wendi Walters accepts Chair Position

IBT – Flight Attendant Safety Committee

Wendi Walters has recently accepted the position of Chair of the IBT – Flight Attendant Safety Committee. Wendi flew for Delta Airlines before becoming a NetJets Gulfstream Flight Attendant in 1998. She graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Sociology.  Besides serving as Chair of the IBT-FASC, Wendi is currently a member of the IBT-Accident Investigation Team, NBAA and Women in Corporate Aviation.

 Wendi serves alongside Jerri Oler and Laurie Roberge on the FASC.  The committee’s email address is:


Next Conference Call
Thursday, October 30th
1900ET — 1800CT –1700MT — 1600PT
Tel:  (641) 715-3300
Access Code:  955829#
Join the FANC, Josh McInerney, Paul Suffoletto, and 
your Flight Attendant peers as we dialogue about 
October mediation, including the Company’s and Union’s positions 
on issues that affect you.  
Come to the call with your questions!
To Listen To Playback:
Dial (641) 715-3412

Access Code:  955829#

There is no “reference number”.

Enter # a second time.


Suzie Anderson shares I.P. experience in CMH
“I had the best recurrent ever picketing for my future.  Thank you everyone for coming together for a better future for our families and ourselves.  I feel GOOOD!  The best lunch date I’ve ever had!  It was very powerful to see everyone holding signs and securing our future.  I am blessed to be a part of such a great group.  As a flight attendant I would like the pilot group to know they (the Company) would have eaten us up and spit us out if they (NJASAP) didn’t take us under their wing.
I feel like the cat that ate the mouse today!  Great turn out.   Wish we could do that everyday!”
Suzie Anderson, Falcon Flight Attendant
October Mediation
Mediation resumes the last week of October, this time in Tampa, FL. We have plans to pack the Teamsters Conference Call equipment for this trip, intent on having no more snafus with the recording.  Please plan to join the group discussion on Thursday evening, October 30th.   We left September mediation having passed a Counter Proposal to the Company on Section 28 (Hours of Service).

Welcome Falcon New Hires
Congratulations to all of our Falcon New Hires on completing Initial New Hire Training!  For now, everyone is done with classroom training and is either flying the line “solo” or in IOE or Standards training.
We encourage you to visit the Flight Attendant website:
Take some time to peruse the website and familiarize yourself with what is there.  There you can register and get connected to our Message Board where all sorts of “road topics” are addressed……everything from Contract and mediation questions to you-name-it.  It’s all there and, once you’re registered, you can read, ask questions, and weigh in, too.  You must register under your given name (no aliases for the Message Board).  If you have problems getting registered, please contact the FAEC at
The FAEC is on both the Falcon and Gulfstream fleets, and any of us can help you with a duty or contract question, so feel free to touch base with any one of us when needed.


We look forward to seeing you on the road.  Have fun out there, and be safe!

In Unity and Solidarity,
Your FAEC and IBT Local 284


(Columbus, OH) – Hundreds of picketers charged Berkshire Hathaway’s (BRK/B) NetJets, Inc., with attacking the livelihoods of middle class families. Unionized pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and related employees, maintenance controllers, stock clerks and flight dispatchers picketed at customer locations in California, New Jersey and the company’s Columbus, Ohio corporate headquarters, according to the NetJets Union Coalition (NUC).


The coalition is an alliance between the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP), the pilots’ union, and the Teamsters, which represents all of the other unionized employees at NetJets. The company is currently negotiating over new labor contracts covering approximately 4,000 unionized employees.


“Today, working families took a stand against corporate greed,” NJASAP President Pedro Leroux said. “This is just the beginning of our effort to shed light on NetJets’s unprovoked attack on the employees responsible for safe air travel.”


Despite soaring revenues and profits, NetJets refused to exercise its right to extend its existing contract with the pilots’ union. Instead, the world’s leading provider of luxury air transportation services forced the group into negotiations last year and pursued aggressive bargaining proposals that have angered the workforce. The company made similar proposals to unionized flight attendants, flight dispatchers, mechanics and related employees, maintenance controllers and stock clerks, all of whom participated in picketing events today.


“Corporate greed is not a private matter,” Teamsters Local 284 President Paul Suffoletto. “The fight that is brewing at NetJets has all the makings of a classic showdown between hard working Americans and a powerful corporation that is out to destroy their standard of living.”


In addition to the company’s corporate offices, picketers amassed at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. Union officials said additional events are planned to run through the upcoming holiday season and beyond with the goal of making contact with as many customers and members of the public as possible.




Founded in 2008 as an independent labor organization, the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP) represents the professional interests of the 3,000-plus pilots who fly in the service of NetJets Aviation, Inc. For more information, visit us at or


About the IBT

Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million hardworking men and women throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico including more than 80,000 workers throughout the airline industry in every craft and class. Visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter @Teamsters and on Facebook at

Company Responds to 9/22 Informational Picket

Fellow NUC Member,
Late Friday afternoon, NJASAP and Teamsters Local 284 leaders received a letter from senior management expressing their “disappointment” with the respective Memberships’ decision to engage in informational picketing. The letter also claims management’s July package proposal – complete with expanded subcontracting, salary freezes, seizure of your insurance benefits, insurance cost shifting and the loss of picket line rights – was evidence of the Company’s desire to have a “partnership” with the Union. They are completely out of touch with reality.
First, the Membership does not care if management approves or disapproves of their decision to exercise their picketing rights under federal law.  Those laws exist so we do not have to ask “permission” from the likes of the people running our company.  Approve or disapprove, it is not management’s call. Second, a concessionary proposal from a profitable company is wholly inconsistent with a partnership. Instead, it is a sign of corporate greed and disrespect for the intelligence of the unionized employees of this company.
The same can be said for the email from the “Executive Management Team to NetJets employees last Friday. They continue to recycle nonsense about a “traditional  union ‘corporate campaign’ playbook” rather than admitting to themselves that they are no closer to their goal of securing concessions today than they were when bargaining started. What senior management has done is lost credibility and angered thousands of employees and their family members. It took many years to win the confidence of NetJets employees, and these senior managers seem determined to destroy it all by recklessly demanding concessions while reporting record profits.
The senior managers responsible for these concessionary proposals need to come to grips with the reality of the situation that they and they alone created. The Company is not going to get the concessions they seek regardless of how many ridiculous package proposals they make or letters they write. The faster they accept that reality, the sooner this process will end. Until then, criticizing pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and related employees, stock clerks, maintenance controllers and dispatchers for picketing only makes the people running our company look even more clueless than usual.
Standing strong,

FO Pedro Leroux, NJASAP President

Paul Suffoletto, Teamsters Local 284 President

September 22 Informational Picket: CMH – SNA – TEB



Fellow Flight Attendants,

This past weekend, the NJASAP Strategists finalized the sign designs that they, along with our fellow NetJets Unions Coalition members, will carry on the informational picket line in 10 days. The signs remain focused on executive management’s unconscionable greed and organized labor’s refusal to acquiesce to their baseless demands at the bargaining table. The NJASAP Strategy Group and the IBT Local 284 view picketing events as a vital component of our leverage-building and boosting efforts, and your participation is essential. If you have not already let us know at which location you will be picketing, please do so at

The Monday, Sept. 22 picket is our first simultaneous, multi-site initiative. Given the logistical considerations, NJASAP has worked to ensure every detail is squared away such that the events unfold seamlessly. Highly capable, experienced picket captains have been assigned to Teterboro and Santa Ana: FO Dan Scoles will oversee East Coast activities while Captains Richard Ragan and Jeff Stein, the West.  FO Pedro Leroux, in addition to fellow NJASAP Strategists and Board members, as well as Paul Suffoletto, IBT Local 284 President will be on site in Columbus. Additional details will be emailed as we get closer to the event.
Informational picketing is a key public-facing forum we will use to focus attention on the unjustifiable position management has chosen to take in contract talks. As you have likely seen in the news throughout the past several weeks, we are not alone in our struggle: Specifically, the activities taking place at our sister Berkshire Hathaway companies have made it clear Jordan Hansell is not managing in a vacuum. With Berkshire’s financial performance less than optimal, Uncle Warren has gone after the benefits of our peers at fellow subsidiaries. While our non-union peers do not have the contractual language that protects them from such unilateral actions, we do, and we will not relent in our efforts to safeguard – and ultimately enhance – such protections in addition to our hard fought economic gains.
As both NJASAP elected leaders and Lead Negotiator Capt. Mike Pascalar have written in recent weeks, we are in the fight of our livelihoods – an assessment with which FO Pedro Leroux reservedly agrees.  Additionally, he adds that this current bargaining landscape is completely dissimilar from that of 2000 to 2005. Our current CEO does not care about NetJets’ reputation as evidenced by a track record of decision-making that has undermined almost every aspect of the brand. Also, despite his demeanor of grandfatherly approachability and concern, Warren Buffett is not coming to save the day – and, from every indication, neither are the owners. Whereas owner intervention increased the pilot group’s leverage in 2005, it is becoming more and more doubtful it will make a discernible difference this time around.
Consider this: Hansell’s management has not left the owners unfazed, and many have reported calls to executive management and Buffett would be made by highly dissatisfied owners. However, it seems as if those calls, if they were placed, have made no difference. Quite the contrary, as we have seen in the past two months, management has only dug its heels in deeper.
Acknowledging the change in the owner consideration is necessary because it leads to the conclusion NJASAP has drawn in recent months: Whatever gains we make in this negotiation will be attributable to us – to you and to me. We cannot rely on external forces or some elusive silver bullet. What we gain will be based on our unity and our efforts to create the leverage our Negotiators require. If you are not doing everything possible to engage with NJASAP and the IBT Local 284, then you are doing nothing to prevent senior management from taking your wages and benefits and diminishing our work rules.
When FO Pedro Leroux accepted the position of Strategy Group chair, he knew the road would be littered with obstacles and challenges that make the going slow, arduous, and in some instances, painful. However, he believes in what we are trying to accomplish for our families and careers. He feels privileged to work with a group of fellow Strategists who share his passion, vision and determination to enhance the NJASAP CBA – to achieve the LIFT we all absolutely deserve. Between the working sessions, NJASAP and the IBT Local 284 maintain daily contact to ensure our initiatives and campaigns are executed in a way that continuously increases our leverage. Although all of our work is not visible, our efforts never cease. This fall and winter, in particular, will be an incredibly busy time, and you can expect to be called upon to participate and to engage with NJASAP and the IBT Local 284 on multiple occasions. Do not ignore those opportunities. Join with us, and help us realize our goal of collective bargaining agreements that reflect our worth, our professionalism, and our sacrifices.
Once again, please join  with us on the informational picket line if your work schedule allows. If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pedro at, or any member of the Strategy Group, If you have ideas, concerns or criticism, we want to hear them. We are here; we are available; and, we know a successful outcome depends on every single NJASAP and IBT Local 284 member engaging with us.

Standing Strong and In Unity,
FO Pedro Leroux
NJASAP Strategy Group Chair
Paul Suffoletto, IBT Local 284 President
The Flight Attendant Executive Council