NUC | NetJets Latest Concessionary Proposal: More of The Same

July 11, 2014

Fellow Union Member,

NetJets management presented NJASAP negotiators with a concessionary package proposal for a new contract this past Wednesday. The proposal went the wrong direction on a number of issues, including diminished job protection language, no base wage increases, a pay for performance scheme, seizing health insurance benefits and shifting the cost to you and your families and demanding the Union agree to permit the company to terminate pilots who honor the picket lines of other employees. The NetJets Unions Coalition (NUC) views management’s latest proposal as disrespectful and wholly offensive to the 3,100-plus pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, dispatchers, maintenance controllers and stock clerks.

Management’s proposal comes as no shock to the Unions at NetJets: It is simply more of the same. Much like the “comprehensive proposal” management negotiators demanded the flight attendants accept early last year, the “package proposal” presented to NJASAP demonstrates senior management is out of touch with the reasonable expectations of its unionized employees. In spite of the company’s record profitability and industry-leading performance, management has demanded we quickly accept concessionary deals. And they do this while simultaneously demanding we work at an unprecedented pace that has decimated our safety and service culture. Yet, those efforts by unionized employees that sustain this company are left unacknowledged and unrewarded. In fact, they demand that we give back more so that NetJets can grow its profits quicker at our expense.

Developments on the ground will not divide union members at NJA. With the pressure to perform increasing by the day, supervisors in the SOC are continuously looking   over the shoulders of dispatchers and maintenance controllers. We will not allow them to pressure Local 284 dispatchers and maintenance controllers into pressuring NJASAP-represented pilots to perform procedures for which they are not trained.  In these scenarios, what every union member must remember is we count on one another, and we must be able to trust one another because we guarantee the safety of NJA operations every day. Indeed, our roles are interdependent, and we cannot possibly perform our jobs well or support one another if we allow a management divide-and-conquer strategy to take root. And make no mistake: This is exactly what they would like to do.

In the early-March email that announced NUC’s formation, we wrote NJASAP and Local 284 are strong labor organizations in their own right; however, combined, we would emerge as a formidable labor powerhouse. Throughout the past five months that has, indeed, been the case, and management is well aware of it. Like the Flight Attendant, Mechanic and Dispatcher Negotiators, the Pilot Negotiators will stay the course they have followed since the outset of negotiations, namely – working with unrelenting resolve to protect, repair and improve the language of their current agreement. The Coalition will continue to seize every opportunity to build leverage in support of our respective Negotiating Committees in their fight to secure successor agreements that reflect the expertise, professionalism and dedication of our members. We are no less committed today than we were five months ago: Quite the contrary, senior management’s latest concessionary proposal only fuels the flames of discontent and frustration and our determination to accept nothing less than what we have earned.

In unity,

FO John Malmborg                                           Paul Suffoletto

NJASAP President                                           Teamsters Local 284 President