Company Survey Questions

Teamsters Local 284 has been informed by NetJets that it intends to survey Teamster-represented employees regarding company business strategy, corporate goals and certain aspects of your job. As you may be aware, the Company recently started surveying non-union NJA employees. Teamsters Local 284 and its attorneys reviewed the survey that the company will send to you in order to determine compliance with the Railway Labor Act.

Based on the Union’s legal review, the survey that you and other unionized employees will receive is different than the survey sent to the unrepresented employees. None of the questions violate the Railway Labor Act or any other applicable labor laws.

NJA will send the survey to you on or about Friday, June 27, 2014. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Whether you participate and how you answer survey questions is an individual decision.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Teamsters Local 284 and Your FAEC