NUC Informational Picket Information & Registration


In light of senior management’s escalating attacks on organized labor and their unjustifiable bargaining positions, the NetJets Unions Coalition (NUC) will host its first event, focusing public attention on senior management’s assault on the wages, benefits and working conditions of unionized NetJets employees. An informational picket has been scheduled for Friday, March 28, 2014, beginning at 11:30 a.m. in front of the NetJets Corporate Offices. Additional details will be announced as event plans are finalized throughout the next 72 hours.

“The time to host a picket is right now,” NJASAP President John Malmborg said. “Senior managers have launched an attack on organized labor not only at the bargaining table, but also in its relationships – or profound lack thereof – with NJASAP and Local 284.” Added Teamsters Local 284 President Paul Suffoletto, “As an example, this management team has simply gone too far with their latest issue of ‘Sink Rate,’ which tries but fails to divide our Coalition by spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt amid our ranks.”

The informational picket is the first of many events designed to advise the public of the rapidly deteriorating labor relations environment at NetJets. Every organized NetJets employee who can participate in the event is urged to do so. Those members who wear a uniform to work should do so for the picket. Although it is not required, we encourage you to RSVP for the event to assist us in making appropriate preparations.

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