A New Low Even For The New NetJets

Fellow Member,

Late last night, senior management released a “Special Issue” of Positive Rate, a propaganda publication affectionately referred to as “Sink Rate” by unionized employees because NetJets remarkably succeeds in lowering the bar with each new issue. The latest issue of Sink Rate was “special” in that it represents a new low even for the new NetJets. Here, senior management unabashedly tries to split our eight-day-old NetJets Unions Coalition (NUC) using tired, old “divide and conquer” language that we doubt they even take seriously. We, the unionized pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and related employees, stock clerks, maintenance controllers and dispatchers, will not be divided.

These attempts come on the heels of other desperate threats intended to intimidate you, making you fearful of engaging in lawful demonstrations like informational picketing and other activities protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Railway Labor Act. Let’s be very clear: Senior management’s unprovoked attack on our contracts and labor organizations has united us like never before. The Coalition will not back down, and our members will not be intimidated by senior management’s ridiculous threats of legal action. To the contrary, we will publicize our labor dispute with NetJets to the fullest extent permitted by law in the manner of our choosing. If management wants to waste money on frivolous litigation designed to weaken our resolve even while crying poor at the negotiating table, we say, “Go for it.” It is going to take far more than that to defeat us. In fact, it will only make us more determined to win this fight.

 We will fight for your rights on the picket line, in the media and in court. We will inform the Company’s customers of senior management’s attack on our wages, benefits and working conditions and how it jeopardizes the excellent service we provide to them. And, we will truthfully publicize with increasing regularity and in a variety of ways how a once proud Company that thrived on the loyalty of its unionized employees has turned on the very people responsible for its survival and success in pursuit of unobtainable, greed-based concessions that threaten to provoke serious labor disputes.  

We have known for a long time this senior management group does not respect the intelligence of union members at NetJets. Why else would they try to persuade us to engage in interest-based bargaining while publicizing the so-called bargaining “pillars” that demand labor cost reductions, variable compensation schemes, control of your health insurance and retirement benefits and your right to support fellow employees who are on strike? Of course, these unjustifiable demands have been made against the back drop of increasing profitability and profit sharing checks for non-union employees. Unquestionably, they neither respect us nor do they believe we are sharp enough to see through the smoke and mirrors. In fact, senior management’s “Special Announcement” demonstrates outright contempt for unionized employees and their labor leaders.

Based on yesterday’s issue of Sink Rate, senior management has truly lowered the bar, and we expect the number of desperate and, quite frankly, ridiculous messages to increase. In fact, we have absolutely no expectation for that to change until senior management takes a long hard look in the mirror and realizes they are responsible for this mess and it is not going to get better – only worse – until they change course.  When they are ready to do so, they will have no choice but to turn to organized employees to help clean up the mess.

The NetJets Unions Coalition is resolute in its position, and we are in this for the long haul. Look for important updates from us in the very near future. 

In Solidarity and Unity,


John Malmborg                    Paul Suffoletto

NJASAP President              Teamsters Local   284 President