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Flight Line 11/23/13


Thanksgiving Dinner KPBI


FAEC-Election Results

Election Results


We are happy to congratulate Darcey and Kimberly to the FAEC. 


Listed below the results of the Election:


We Received 69 Ballots.

Darcey Jameson -53 Votes

Kimberly Jill Mawdsley -52 Votes

Kelli Crandell -27 Votes


IBT, Local 284

Flight Line 11/21/13

Sick Leave & Calling In Well

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,


A few questions have been asked regarding the use of sick leave and calling in well via the Company blackberry “icon.”


Section 10.3 of the Agreement states as follows:


“Sick leave with pay shall be allowed whenever a Flight Attendant’s absence is found to have been due to illness or injury and sick leave with pay is requested in writing, consistent with Flight Attendant’s accrual.  The company may require that a Flight Attendant who claims sick leave be examined by a Company designated physician, or that the Flight Attendant provide the Company with a medical doctor’s note from a physician of his choosing as to the expected return to work date. The Company shallassume the expense of the examination by such physicians. If the Company exercises its right to require an examination by a physician of its choosing, the Company shall have sole responsibility for arranging the examination. All examinations shall take place on a regularly scheduled duty day unless otherwise agreed to between the Company and Flight Attendant.”


Please note: When calling in well after 1700L time, you should not be charged a sick day for the following day.  However, when you do call in well after 1700L and prior to midnight, be prepared to be assigned duty immediately.


For example, if you call in well any time before midnight, the Company may, at its discretion, assign you duty that same day.  If that happens, then that day will NOT be charged a sick day. If no duty is assigned when you call in well, please contact the Company for your following day’s duty assignment.


If you have any questions regarding the sick leave, please contact a member of the FAEC.  You may also find your number of sick days accrued (net) to date posted on the Company’s Crew Operations website which shall be updated on the 1st of each month.




BE ALERT WHERE YOUR BAGS, BACKPACKS, PURSES, ETC. ARE LOCATED! Keep them close or left under the watchful eye of a fellow crewmember.  A NetJets Captain recently had his backpack stolen in the restaurant of the Hilton Hasbrouck in TEB.


Holiday Scarves and Ties

From Your Flight Attendant Negotiating Committee


As the Holiday Season is upon us, we are asking Flight Attendants who wish to wear the scarves and ties choose the colors of GREEN or GREEN themed backgrounds to show our solidarity.  You will see pilots wearing RED for the same reason. The dates for the Holiday ties and scarves are November 25, 2013 through January 6, 2014.


Your Negotiations Committee will return to Columbus on December 8 to continue with  bargaining. Please monitor the “hotline” number at

518-556-1316 for any updates with negotiations.




Just a reminder that ballots will be counted on November 22nd for the (2) Gulfstream FA positions. Election results will be announced on Friday, November 22nd after the count.


Please continue to fly safely and call with any questions or concerns.


We wish you and yours a safe and blessed Holiday Season.




Local IBT, 284

Flight Line 11/10/13

CAG filed over Lampert Email
Dear Flight Attendants,

The Union has received many calls from Flight Attendants about the email sent out by Mr. Lampert on November 5, 2013 concerning expense reports. We encourage you to respond to his email and his (5) questions .  However, the Union has also notified the Company that this email is in direct violation of our contract, in that it ordered Flight Attendants to respond to the email-Letter of Investigation, including by answering questions about their understanding of Company policy, even if Flight Attendant was not on duty during the three (3) day period, e.g., on vacation, sick leave, a leave of absence, a day off or in rest.  Accordingly, the Union has filed a Class Action Grievance over this matter seeking that the Company do the following to remedy the violation:

1.    Cease and desist requiring Flight Attendants to respond to Company emails when they are not on duty and/or not on a duty day.
2.    Cease and desist requiring Flight Attendants to submit expense reports when they are not on duty and/or not on a duty day.
3.    Pay one (1) extended day to Flight Attendants who were

not on duty and/or not on a duty day for the three (3) day period and responded to the email.
Similar letters were also sent to numerous Pilots, and NJASAP has also filed a Class Action Grievance over this matter.
Please be sure to respond to Mr. Lampert’s email along with answering the 5 questions posed and we will keep you notified of the status of the grievance.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the FAEC.
Thank you,

Flight Line 11/05/13

Delinquent Expense Reports

Are yours current and caught-up?

Dear Flight Attendants,
The Company has made the Union aware that there are Flight Attendants with outstanding expense reports that are beyond the due dates for submission.
If you are one of the Flight Attendants receiving the second letter from the Company, please make sure that you complete your expense reports per the company policy and contractual obligations.
If you need assistance or an extended period of time to complete your concur expenses, please email the company at the address provided in the letter.Again, we emphasize the urgency of having your expense reports submitted in a timely fashion to avoid any disciplinary action brought against you.

If you have any questions, please call us.
Thank you.