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Flight Line 10/31/13

Happy Halloween



Dear Flight Attendants,


Today the IBT Local 284 launched a new website.  It is at the same address,  Over the next couple of weeks additional content will be added.  Part of the upgrade included a new message board.  You will be required to re-register.  Please click “register an account” enter you full name (e.g. Jim Smith) in username field and a valid email address.


During the server swap our email addresses ( and ) for some reason did not transfer, thus they are currently not working.  We apologized for any inconvenience and will communicate when we have them up and running.  In the interim, the following email addresses are available to reach FAEC: and for the FANC:




Enhanced Vacation Swapping System


Dear Flight Attendants:


In the most recent NetJets Operations Update sent to employees on October 24, the Company reminded Flight Attendants that the enhanced vacation swapping system (EVSS) has been online since early August.  We are pleased that the Company has the EVSS up and running and hope that Flight Attendants seeking to swap vacation weeks with others in their fleet have been successful in using the online system.


We are also pleased that in an effort to increase the likelihood that a Flight Attendant will be able to swap an awarded week of vacation with another more desirable week for that particular Flight Attendant (a vacation week desirable to one Flight Attendant may not be desirable for another), the Company has agreed to make available additional vacation slots in the system that can be utilized in a vacation swap.  However, Flight Attendants should understand that the Company’s agreement to make additional vacation slots available is not entirely altruistic.


Rather, the Company has made it clear that additional vacation weeks opened by it will be done so with the intent of enticing Flight Attendants holding vacations weeks in peak periods, such as during holidays, to swap those weeks with the weeks opened by the Company where less demand is projected.  In such cases, the week vacated by a Flight Attendant who swaps for a week opened by the Company will NOT be opened for swapping by other Flight Attendants.  For example, if a Flight Attendant holds Thanksgiving week as a vacation week and swaps that week for another opened by the Company, the Thanksgiving vacation week slot will NOT be opened for other Flight Attendants to swap into.  Therefore, before swapping a vacation week for one opened by the Company, the FAEC asks that all Flight Attendants first seek to swap with another Flight Attendant so that highly desirable vacation weeks, such as those containing holidays, are not lost to the membership.


For help with the EVSS, please consult the “Help” link on the Vacation Swap form or contact with questions, or as always you may contact a member of the FAEC at


In Unity,


FAEC and Teamsters Local 284

Flight Line 10/24/13

Fellow Flight Attendants:


During this past week, FAEC member Michael Zois was in CMH conducting Union work and meeting with the Company.


The following are topics that were discussed during his visit to CMH:


  • JoDelle Burwell and Michael Zois have joined the FAEC with Cliff Caldwell. During this transition period, both JoDelle and Michael are in the process of getting briefed on matters relating to their FAEC position. Please feel free to call them and just say “Hi.”


  • True-up Payments for the Gulfstream Flight Attendants — All Gulfstream Flight Attendants that qualified for a true-up payment will have their payment deposited in the next pay check on November 1, 2013.


  • The Company is aware that several Flight Attendants are experiencing difficulties with the new “Jet Stream” website. Please contact Janet Pasqualetti from Labor Relations at 614-239-5576 or IT at NetJets at 800-228-6899 for assistance. Your feedback is greatly appreciated in making this website user friendly.


  • Has your mailing or email address changed? If so, please be sure to update your contact information with Teamsters Local 284. Changes to contact information may be sent to Michelle Moore at


  • Lanyards, bag tags, and green pens were mailed to all Flight Attendants at the mailing address on file with the Union. If you have not received those, please email Michelle and update your address. It is very important that we demonstrate to the Company that all Flight Attendants are united in our demand for an industry leading contract and for NetJets to show Flight Attendants the respect we deserve as frontline ambassadors of service.


  • Original NJI Flight Attendant ballots have been mailed out to you for the (2) NJI FAEC positions. If you have not received a ballot by November 1, please email Dawn Siravo at or call her at 614-228-0727 to arrange for a duplicate ballot. Ballots will be counted on November 22, 2013 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time.


  • System Board of Adjustment – Class Action Grievance # 007-2013 [Flights going without a Flight Attendant - Section 23.22(b) of the CBA.]. The Union has scheduled this hearing for December 10, 2013. The Union is continuing to gather data and pertinent information in preparation for the hearing. Please continue to send us data of flights departing without a Flight Attendant. The Union is also communicating with the Pilots’ Union regarding this matter. IBT Local 284 Legal Counsel will be presenting the Union’s case before the System Board.


  • EVSS (Enhanced Vacation Swapping System) — The Company is planning on announcing in the next week or so the introduction of the EVSS. This system will allow Flight Attendants to swap vacation with another Flight Attendant, or allow a Flight Attendant to swap a scheduled vacation week with a week opened by the Company. Please remember that vacation swaps are fleet specific, i.e., Falcon to Falcon, Gulfstream to Gulfstream, and Global to Global fleets. Any questions or concerns can be addressed with Janet Pasqualetti from Labor Relations or by contacting the FAEC.


  • Many of you have attended recurrent class this year and are very dissatisfied with the Flight Attendants being left out of the success story of the Company. We are on the frontline of this Company and we deserve better than this. I am happy to report that this was discussed with Labor Relations and that the contribution made by Flight Attendants to the success of NetJets will be included in the next video message. Furthermore, there is currently a video being produced by NetJets to include a Flight Attendant on a NetJets aircraft. Can’t wait to see it!


  • Sign Off Cleaner: There have been reports of Flight Attendants experiencing adverse reactions to the Sign Off cleaner being used on the Falcon/Gulfstream fleets and the chemicals associated with it. The Union is discussing this issue with the Company, and it is being investigated by the Safety department at NetJets. Should anyone experience any medical issues with the product, please contact Jeff Winslow or one of the Assistant Chief Flight Attendants for guidance.


  • Your FANC will be back at the bargaining table during the week of December 9-13. Please continue to call the “FANC Hotline” number at (518) 556-1316 for updates. We are also in communication with and eager to demonstrate unity with the Pilots, Mechanics, Stock Clerks and dispatchers during these difficult times. In fact, every unionized group at the Company is in Section 6 bargaining, and we must continue to support each other.


  • Medical benefits enrollment is now open and will close on November 5, 2013 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Please mark this date on your calendar and remind yourself to complete the online enrollment before the closing date.


  • Concur expenses — please be sure to complete your Concur expenses in a timely fashion and per the Agreement. The Union is aware of the number of expenses that are currently overdue with the Company. If you need assistance or an extension in completing your expense report, please give the Company a call. There were over 400 letters sent out to both Pilots and Flight Attendants regarding this matter. If you were one of them, you are not alone.


  • On a final note- It has been brought to the Union’s attention that letters have been mailed out by the Company to every Flight Attendant regarding Medical Leave of Absence rates and the Company’s claim that increased leaves of absence are the sole reason for the increasing number of large cabin flights operating without a Flight Attendant. It is unfortunate, yet not surprising given current managements’ hostile attitude toward its work groups, that NetJets would try and attribute the increase in Medical Leaves of Absence solely to Flight Attendants who supposedly “work the leave system.” What is missing from Mr. Lampert’s insulting letter is any attempt to explain or address WHY Flight Attendants are taking Medical Leaves of Absence at an increasing rate when there been no change to the “leave system.” Indeed, this blind-eye that the Company has turned to the plummeting morale of Flight Attendants is one of the reasons we have been engaged in bargaining for so long. The Union will address the insults thrown at Flight Attendants by Mr. Lampert, and we will continue to fight in negotiations for those improvements that will help alleviate the issues that result in Flight Attendants being medically unable to safely perform their duties and drive them to seek Medical Leaves of Absence, such as insufficient rest, excessive workloads and involuntary assignments onto undesirable work schedules.


Please continue to fly safely. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your FAEC.


In Unity,


The FAEC and Teamsters Local 284


FANC Update 10/11/13

Dear Members,


Please listen to the hotline for your Negotiating Committee’s latest message.

The number to call is 1.518.556.1316


As a reminder, please wear your lanyards, use your bag tags and use your green pens.  This shows we are worth what we are asking for in the new contract.  It also makes our unity known to this Company.


As always, you can contact your FANC at with any issues or concerns for the new contract.


And lastly, the next round of bargaining has been canceled so we will not be having another conference call in October.  Our new conference call will be December 12, 2013 at 4:00 pm ET.

The number for that call will be 1.641.715.3300 Access code 955829#.


Thank you,

Flight Attendant Negotiating Committee